Misslopez: Günther Koerffer, royal baker from Germany on the right of Prince Daniel and Princess Victoria at their wedding

Hello!. Today I am romantic and I feel like talking about wedding things!. We do not know so much about Penelope Cruz wedding dress as I wrotte in my last post but we do know Princess Victoria´s. A lovely dress from a Swedish designer.
We do not know either much about Penelope´s party or wedding cake but thanks to Günther Koerffer that contact me by e-post, this Swedish Royal baker from Germany originally, I can show you this picture from the Swedish Royal Wedding with Princess Victoria and now Prince Daniel. In the picture you can see Günther Koerffer on the right of Prince Daniel right in the moment the romantic couple shared their wedding cake as  Günther Koerffer had the mission to bake the wedding cake for Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling together with four more bakers from Sweden.
Well, I hope Penelope has tasted a wedding cake as good as the one Günther did to the Princess Victoria!. Here comes the recipe again.
Enjoy a royal wedding cake and Feelgood
Viva royal news!