People queuing 48 hours before opening!. Swedish Ikea landing for first time in La Coruña

Hello!. News from my hometown, La Coruña, Spain. I am in Sweden right now but my mother called me the other day from La Coruña in Galicia, Spain to tell me everybody is exciting about the opening of the Swedish IKEA. The amazing thing is that the first customers come to IKEA 48 hours before opening. About thirty people were queuing at midnight to the morning release of the multinational IKEA. This  yesterday has  caused a half-hour jams in the traffic. Have a look at the picture!
A voucher of 200 euros for the first 20 customers (who have to go dressed in yellow and blue) served as the perfect trick for that queue started forming at the doors of Ikea in La Coruña. We can say this it is like an IKEA party!. Well-equipped people to enjoy two nights and all day, in the open. Sleeping bags, tents, coolers and supplies … Not missing anything. I have heard as well that precisely to prevent congestion, the City Council recommends that to go to Ikea taking the free buses that the company will charter from the Plaza de Pontevedra from tomorrow. Departures are every 20 minutes from the ten.The last bus will depart at 20.30.
As you know Zara company is originally from La Coruña now everywhere in the world and tomorrow tuesday the time has come to IKEA to come to La Coruña!. Now I have another reason to visit my hometown more often but you´ll love the lovely beaches and high quality lifestyle in my hometown!. Check it out coruna!
I am sure my mother will keep me informed and I will let you know!
It is all about globalisation!. Are you for or against?
Feel very good!🙂