Misslopez tips:Find out important news from Facebook

Hello!. Important news about Facebook!. I have found this and I think it is very imposrtant to share it with you. One of the main concerns of parents on social networks is also the potential dangers involved. The privacy control is essential when you hang up some information on the net, but sometimes younger face uncomfortable and even dangerous situations. To prevent this, Facebook has announced that it will have a “panic button” for children and adolescents to have rapid access to a tool that allows them to contact authorities in case of detecting an indication of abuse ‘on line ‘.
The goal is primarily children do not to feel exposed to any kind of abuse and have a quick, safe and effective tool  for reporting any complicated situation. The Centre for British Child Online Protection (CEOP, in its acronym in English) negotiated for months to incorporate this prevention system on Facebook, having already reached similar agreements with other services such as MySpace and Bebo.
However, according to Hola the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg had rejected the request on the grounds that their security measures were “sufficient.” After months of negotiations, Facebook and CEOP have reached an agreement. “Both parties are happy. We keep Facebook warning system and we also have introduced a new application by default in the social network that not only keeps them safe, but it functions as a viral ad campaign between contacts, “said communications director Facebook UK, Sophy Silver, told the BBC.
Although the panic button is a simple and effective application, the fact is that young people should take into account a number of recommendations for enjoying social networks safely.First of all, when sharing certain personal information such as phone number or home address, it must also be borne in mind that everything we publish is likely to be “used” so it is not recommended and the safest bet is to contact only people who you really know.
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