Misslopez tips: Support NGO Swedish People´s Fund for cancer and allergi research you too!

Hello everybody!. Do you know that I support Swedish People’s Fund (Svenska Folk Fonden in swedish)that has been formed to support the prevention, pollution-related cancer and allergy research without animal experiments?. The Fund also provides support to sufferers, rehabilitation, where society’s resources are not enough.
Swedish People´s Fund is a charitable organization working with low administrative costs and where the surplus goes to research prevention and rehabilitation of patiens. When you give your gift to the Swedish People’s Fund you give a grant to help the prevention of the environmental causes of cancer and allergy.
Without all donors this NGO would not be able to help the environment-related prevention research. I support Swedish People´s Fund, would you like to get more information and maybe then help the research at Karolinska hospital in Stockholm, Sweden?. If so you can contact me and I will give you more information. Please contact me at
I hope for your support!
Feelgood for a better world