Wish you volume lips?. Try this!

Hola amigas!. Nothing like volume lips. I share with you this information. Sure you find it interesting if you want volume lips.
My tips:
The choice of color. Avoid both very light colors like those too dark. It is preferable tones live just over the natural carnation of the mouth.
And the texture? The more brightness, greater sense of volume. For a very natural, makeup lips with a creamy or glossy bar in a natural color, and in the center of the lower lip apply a drop of gloss to give it a more meaty.
The liner, very helpful. Outline the mouth slightly above the natural lip line makes it seem bigger, as long as they blur the line and merge with the overall color.This trick just only serves to enhance the shape of the mouth.
And two expert tips …

  • To redraw the contours of the lips to perfection, it should cover them before with foundation, which helps create a perfect canvas to the subsequent application of color.
  • Apply a drop shadow or pearl concealers in the center of the upper lip, in the “cupid’s bow.” This makes it look more pronounced peak and mouth look more fleshy.

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Enjoy your perfect lips!