Why not?, Watermelon with mango and vinaigrette

Hi my friends!. Why not try watermelon in a new way?. These days are so warm in Stockholm that watermelon is the perfect choise. I will tell how. These are the ingredients:
• Watermelon.
• Onion.
• Red or green pepper.
• Mango.
• Olive oil.
• white balsamic vinegar.
• 1 can of clams.

Then cut the watermelon into cubes fashion about 4 x 4 cm. and an out-ball, make a slit / drain and set aside. For the dressing, chop vegetables and finely diced mango, add the oil, vinegar and salt and mix well. Fill the cups of watermelon with the vinaigrette and place over the cockle.
Please let me know how did it go for you and if you find it tasty.
See you in a while. Enjoy it and Feelgood