Misslopez News: Football can make you happier! and Casillas as well

Hi my friends!. Yes it is true, football kan make you happier!. Look what I have found out!. According to an study on the World Cup produced by the Coca-Cola Institute of Happiness has been revealed that Iker Casillas is the player who has made the Spanish people happiest(40 percent) during the celebration of the World Cup, followed by Andrés Iniesta ( 25 per cent) and David Villa (15 per percent). Moreover, according to Spanish respondents, sportsmanship, struggle and unity are the adjectives that best define the Spanish national team and 70 per cent of Spanish people have been very happy about Spain’s victory in the World Cup. For most of the Spanish (75 percent) that Spain has won the World Cup has made  people happier in their environment, more connected to the people around (66 percent) and  happier with themselves (65 percent).
I am sure about all these. Myself has become happier after the victory. The only thing is life must go on all the time so it doesn´t last forever but the spirit is forever…
Keep believing in your dreams and as Casillas has said: “dreams come true sometimes”.
“Casillas, Casillas, como Casillas no hay ninguno”, we sang me and my friends during the final match so Viva Casillas