Princess Victoria day in Solliden: a perfect day!

Hi there!. I know you love Royal news from Sweden so I will do my best to keep you informed. The Swedish Royal Family held yesterday as allways on the July 14 the birthday of Princess Victoria in Borgholm on the island of Öland, although it did for the first time without the presence of the honored, which is still enjoying her Honeymoon Honey with her husband, Prince Daniel, whom she married last June 19 in Stockholm.
The King Charles XVI Gustaf and Silvia were in charge of collecting the congratulations and gifts of the nearly 400 citizens who came yesterday morning to the palace of Solliden to celebrate the occasion mentioned, known as Victoria Day. The king said that he thought everyone would be on the beach referring to the high temperatures (above 30 degrees) in Sweden these days.
Princess Madeleine and Prince Carl Philip as you see in the picture were there . A perfect day: Good music,good humor of the King, the traditional Swedish costume of the Queen,the beautiful smile of the Princess Madeleine, or the attractiveness of Prince Carl Philip and a very special guest, a labrador with gift included-which was the delight of the members of the Swedish royal family … and in the spirit, Victoria of Sweden.
Enjoy a perfect sommar day you too and Feelgood