Misslopez tips: Enjoy the Princess Victoria wedding cake recipe direct from the Swedish Royal Family baker: Günther Koerffer

Hello Everybody!. A few days ago, I have got an e mail from Günther Koerffer, the Swedish Royal Family baker telling me he likes my blog and even  in Madrid did know about it. I think this is the great thing of having a blog, you get in contact with so many interesting people from all over the world!. Günther Koerffer has sent me the recipe of the Princess Victoria wedding cake and now that even Penelope Cruz has got married (in secret at the Bahamas), it is time for me to share it..Well you will find it in swedish but I am sure you can translate it with google. This prestigious baker from Germany originally together with four more bakers in Sweden had the  mission to bake the wedding cake for Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling Wedding.
Here you see the Princess Victoria wedding cake at the Royal Palace in Sweden. I dedicate this recipe to all who are thinking of sharing their lives together, for LOVE!
And now I have the pleasure to share it with you!. Here comes the recipe:
Enjoy the propably world´s best wedding cake and Feelgood !