What a party in Madrid after the World Cup!

Hola amigos y amigas!. Here I am again. Yesterday Madrid overflowed to wellcome the heroes of the World Cup. Have a look!. Thousands of people from different parts of Spain filled the streets of the capital in red and gold to welcome the heroes of the selection, the champions of the World Cup. The historic celebration exceeded all expectations and despite strong police presence, the city gave more of itself and asked the City Council through the television people not to approach the scene of the party . “The players are climbing up into a double-decker bus, paraded the World Cup and  hundreds of fans crowded the streets. Nothing could stop the bigest party at the Plaza del Rey in Madrid.
I am afraid I have missed it but the feeling is here too, in Stockholm.
Today I am a bit less tired but it was worth it. Feelgood you too!