Misslopez cocktal tips: Caipirinha from Brasil

Hi!!!. So warm in Stockholm these days, even for me a spanish woman in Sweden. Believe it ´cause it is true. I sugest the brasilian cocktal, the most popular. But not only one, why not just two to share?.
I tell you…Cachaça: said of the most popular distilled alcoholic beverage in Brazil, and say also the main ingredient to prepare a delicious and refreshing capiriña (orcaipirinha, as is written in its place of origin).

  • As the ingredients you need (for each cup) brown sugar, 50 ml of cachaça, ice chopped (not minced), a pair of files.
  • First, chop the files into segments and we put in theglass (preferably one that is wide and high, like cider, but more robust).
  • Then add a tablespoon of brown sugar.
  • We then crushed the file to detach all of its juice.
  • Then fill the glass to the brim with chopped ice and fill with cachaça.
  • We remove properly, test and see if you need more sugar. When you are to our liking served with a straw. You can make one or several at once, like an assembly line.
  • Remember, the caipirinha has several variants, including the more famous the Caipiroska (replacing the cachaça by vodka) and caipirissima (replacing thecachaça for rum).

Enjoy a real good cocktal in these sunny days!. Why not at the beach?
Feel the goodness in you!