This is happening in my hometown La Coruña, Spain, “elite riding” at Casas Novas

Hi everybody!. Maybe because I live abroad my hometown where I was born, La Coruña, I miss it so much and everything is happening there is interesting to me.  I live in Stockhom, Sweden by the way.
Do you like horse riding?. You can do it in La Coruña as well and at elite level. Like Marta Ortega in the picture, the daughter of a wealthy Spanish businessman Amancio Ortega owner of the well known ZARA has earned a Riding high place on the global elite. Marta Ortega loves riding horses and it is not surprising to see her around the  world  on horseback. Her presence was one of the most anticipated in the International Jumping Competition Casas Novas, held in  Galician, La Coruña (Spain) a place with a lot of meaning for ZARA´s founder, Ortega, who began to build his assets there. Also competing in the contest the aristocrac from Spain Cayetano Martinez de Irujo, son of the Duchess of Alba.
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