Misslopez News: Shakira Isabel supports Spain tonight as well as me

Hi everybody!. I am from Spain and I support Spain at the World Cup tonight, of course. The die is cast and Shakira is one of the stars of the closing ceremony that will precede the ‘Grand Final’ World Cup in South Africa. In the match between Spain and the Netherlands, the Colombian singer has clear preferences: “I wish you the best of luck to Spain. I have been with the Spanish team from the start and I hope the octopus Paul makes no mistake.” To which she added: “I must confess that as a Hispanic, I have a moral duty to support Spain, but also I have good friends on the team.”
And so that everything goes great for her performance, Shakira was rehearsing yesterday her song “Waka Waka” but also had time to prove her ability with the ball at Soccer City in Johannesburg where tonight ‘The Red’ could become a World Cup winner.
I hope, We hope and Feelgood
I tell you more later and wellcome with your comments!