Misslopez beauty tips: How I make up at summer time?

Hi there!. Here come my make up tips for the summer!. In summer, makeup should not be too noticeable and should be as natural as possible. But the word is not equivalent to natural invisible. So, you should not give up your make up in the summer just for that, but adapted to the new season. These four simple tricks can help you look your best face in these hot months.

  1. The best bet is very translucent and transparent colors, to give just a gloss, matte textures and avoiding dull. To do this, simply extend a very slight hint of shadow on the eyelids, which is achieved by passing a special brush for the eyelid, without wearing the color above the basin. Then, just a little mascara, some blush and lipstick to be pretty.
  2. If you have a golden skin tone tans easily, gold and bronze colors will look well. Try soft old gold and brown highlights copper, which always favor long when applied sparingly.
  3. Please bear in mind the much dreaded shine, which multiply in the summer. If you suffer, do not forget to use bases trend free oil or oil-free, or even instead of powder, use the mattifying papers to eliminate unwanted glare.
  4. At this time the protagonist also charged fingernails and, above all, feet, shown by the sandals. So you can try to apply makeup with the hottest colors this season like coral, aquamarine, and as a timeless classic and timeless, the red is still one of the stars of each season.

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Feelgood with a natural look in the summer