You guys, get taller you too like Tom Cruise!

Hi there!. You guys too!. Read and find out!. A terrific personality, a beautiful smile and a keen sense of humor are almost always, the grounds of sex appeal as regards the male gender. However, along with other aesthetic concerns such as hair loss or the emerging ‘belly’ which usually makes an appearance once overcome the barrier of 30, there are small details of the appearance that our eyes perceive as faults, that undermine your confidence like  to know how to dress, to enhance our strengths and give others our best image.
The lack of height is usually one of them to be ‘shorter’ that the average  can be a real problem when it comes to measure guy´s  level of attractiveness. One problem is easily solved with just a little digging in your closets. Obviously it is not add inches  but to create an effect that lengthen the figure and stylize, following a few little tricks. Want to know what?.
Betting on the total look
The mode of dress all items of a single color is not something unique to the gateway: the total look, also favors shorter boys, creating an optical effect which lengthens the figure, by not highlight any part of the figure, is presented as a whole instead of ‘a sum of parts’. To multiply the effect, bet on the dark tones like black, navy or gray. The trick: bring matching shoes, too, within the same range of color, and prevents the contrasts. Your legs look longer.
Forget the lines …
… Unless they are vertical. Or what is the same: The vertical line styling and longer, especially in the top of the trunk. Jackets, shirts, shirts, coats … anything goes. Yes, of choosing the better in size slim-fit: No baggy jeans!
Amazingly, something as insignificant as the buttons can help add inches to our figure: a shirt well as carved and cut, split in two by an illustrious line of buttons, creating a vertical line that extends optical trunk lines and with the rest of ‘tricks’ visual.
The hairstyle is important
It is about the shape of the cut or the way he combs. A slightly shorter hair on the sides that the offset makes you look taller.
Do not despise wedges
Vale to wear high-heeled shoe. The solution: inner heels, hidden under the insole, and artfully added a centimeter us another without anyone being aware of the ‘trick’. The Spanis firm Angel Infantes or Italian firm Bertulli Mario, for example, has a full range of footwear with a cork wedge inserted between the leather soles, which can add up to seven extra inches. Among its portfolio of clients include celebrities like Tom Cruise, Silvio Berlusconi or Nicolas Sarkozy …
Feel like giving it  a chance?. Feelgood anyway😉