Jet set holidays for your sweety pet!

Hi amigos. Do you love your pet so much you want your pet to spend a VIP vacation like the pets of the celebrities?. So take note of this!. Walt Disney World Resort in Florida have opened the most luxurious pet hotel on the planet. Many actresses and models have already booked in the summer for their pets to spend a vacation as luxurious as those of their owners. Suites with TV, air conditioning, a water park, play area, spaces for relaxation … The most demanding one of its four VIP rooms with four poster beds, TV, bathroom deluxe, private patio for your dog or cat and a menu deli, a favorite pet more glamorous.
The most exclusive chain of hotels for dogs, The Wag, and has established itself as the favorite of dogs and cats of the jet set in the world. Everything is spectacular in this luxury five star hotel, it lacks detail. VIP services more accessible to your pets: very exclusive massage, hairdresser, heated pool, fun activities for your pet to play all day, walking through the gardens, swimming lessons, a large store so you can buy the most fashionable for your dog … Pets more demanding choose Wag Suitem Deluxe, with 24 hour security, designer beds, televisions with programs for dogs, mini bar.This luxury hotel chain is only dogs in San Francisco, Sacramento and Roseville.
If you want your dog to relax like a king, we recommend the kennel in Pals (Girona), Spain. The perfect hotel for a relaxing holiday. If your dog has behavior problems and socialization, this residence will offer the necessary therapies for back home is better than ever. They also offer swimming pools for your pets do rehabilitation exercises and strengthening the musculoskeletal system. A very special experience for your dog with a super exclusive deal.
If your pet loves the glamorous French, you do your holiday in Hotel Crillon in Paris. This five-star hotel offers a luxury service for your dog, Dog de Crillon. Your pet will also have its welcome basket with their favorite toys, a bowl very chic for food and mineral water. Do not worry about it because a waiter in charge of plant will walk it. And that is identified and not lost, gifts to board your pet with a very luxury. To Paris with your dog!
Love your pet and Feelgood 🙂