Have a look at the most tender pictures of Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer López
Hi everybody!. The most tender images, the most surprising, the unseen … Jennifer Lopez has opened the pages of her family album to review her life experiences. In the television program Behind The Music, VH1 chain, the artist has spoken not only of the successes and failures of her career, but also her relationships and family life.
About Chris Judd, her first husband, says that he is a “fantastic” person while her romance with Sean Diddy Combs broke because, she explains, had “different ideas about life. ” With Ben Affleck was about to pass by the altar a second time, but the external pressure could with them.
Jennifer López
With  Marc Anthony found stability and raised a family. “Marc had not seen in years and when we connect, was as if we had not separated. We have the same values, the same ideas.When you find someone who want to be a better person is special. ” Jennifer, who is preparing her  eighth studio album, says her life is now complete, as she has come to realize that you can combine a successful career with motherhood and having a stable relationship.

Jennifer López

During the broadcast of the program showed some photos that show a baby Jennifer, her mother, her little sisters, college graduation, in her first employment opportunities … pictures that show a very unknown face of the La Lopez. Do you see the resemblance?.
She is a strong woman, don´t you think?
Show the most tender picture of yourself and Feelgood! 🙂