Find out how the royals spend their summer vacation!

Hi there!. Interested in royalty?. This time I share with you how their spend their sumer vacation, almost like everybdy!. The Royal Courts of Europe begin to enjoy the sea, countryside and mountains. In the picture Prince Felipe, Princess Letizia of Spain and their children.
But about the royals in Sweden,  King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden have been among the first to close the official agenda to begin their traditional summer holiday in the Costa Azul in France. They are like every year by this date in Saint Tropez sunbathing, sailing yacht, visiting the nearby village markets (especially in Cogolin, famous for its embroidery); out to dinner at the famous restaurant Da Salvatore ( to Latin music and a relaxed atmosphere), where they can enjoy a delicious beef, Provencal vegetables, and fish in the area … Further gone are the princes Victoria and Daniel honeymoon. The newlyweds enjoyed a honeymoon overseas dream in the Polynesian island. Neither the Princess Madeleine, who traveled to London last week to carry out her humanitarian work in theChildren’s Foundation, or the Prince Carl Philip, who was a couple of days watching the World Cup in South Africa, are still on vacation. And most likely not before 14 July, Sweden’s Victoria Day, which this year she becomes 33 th birthday. The whole family celebrated the occasion marked Solliden, the family residence of summer, but for the first time in the absence of the protagonist, because of their honeymoon.
British royal family vacation is not  known yet. If the British royal family follows the pattern of previous summers, the Queen Elizabeth and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh at some point would travel to Balmoral, the Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall could return to summer in Birkhall, a paradise, hidden and idyllic organized the Queen Mother often picnics and fishing trips on the River Lodge for your circle of friends, thePrince William and Kate Middleton would make an exotic trip, and Prince Harry and his girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, would reserve a few days to return to South Africa.While Grimaldi split his summer between the Costa Azul, Ibiza in Spain and some other place where they have summer residence.
The vacation of the Spanish Royal Family in the picture will be shorter and austere because of the crisis.The Kings travel to Palma not until late July, while Queen Sofia could make a brief visit to the Balearic island, when the schedule allowed, before finally settling there for the summer.The Prince Felipe of Spain will leave Palma in early August to represent Spain on the occasion of the inauguration of new President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, and possibly Princess Letizia and children, the Princesses Leonor and Sofia, departing also then to Madrid to enjoy the return of the Prince of anonymous holiday in another unknown destination.
Enjoy summer like a royal and Feelgood