Get inspired by the art and design of Prince Carl Philip Bernadotte from Sweden

Hi everyody!. Art and design is my passion. Why not getting inspired by a real Prince, in this case Carl Philip Bernadotte, brother to Princess Victoria of Sweden. You may seen him in the royal pictures too!.
In fact, the Bernadotte family have the gift of art. The annals of history will recall some of its members, as Gustav III, Eugene, Sigvard Bernadotte and Prince Carl Philip. And is that the Swedish royal family has not only set trends, has also promoted the Swedish cultural life and has preserved extraordinary artistic treasures for future generations. Here are some real design icons and cultural information:
Gustav III
I love Gustavian style! Gustavian style is named after Gustav III of Sweden (1746-1792), who created his own version of French style Louis XVI. The furniture finished with a patina-colored gray, cream, blue … – and white textiles plaid, striped or with clusters of small flowers are some of the key ingredients of the aesthetic Gustavian. But the Swedish king was above all the king of the culture. Thanks to his vision and artistic taste, Sweden today has the Swedish Academy (designated each year to the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature), the Drottningholm Palace Theatre, contained in the list of World Heritage by UNESCO, the Royal Ballet andRoyal Opera, and the Museum of Antiquities Gustav III of Sweden’s oldest and one of the oldest in Europe.
Sigvard Bernadotte, the Prince designer
Sigvard Bernadotte (1907-2002), son of King Gustaf VI Adolf and industrial designer, was an artist from head to toe. According to Swedish interior design magazine Skone (April 2004), had the ability to combine beauty with functionality of modern manufacturing processes to become one of the most prominent designers of Sweden, 1900. Roda Opener Clara, printingVirrvarr to Perstorp, the popular bowl Margretheskål for Rosti and packaging of milk chocolateMarabou are just a few examples of his extensive production of household items. Exposure1900-2000 Design in National Museum displays some of his designs.
Eugene, the painter
Prince Eugenio (1865-1947), son of Oscar II, is considered one of the most prominent Swedish artists and art collectors and patrons. He bequeathed to the Swedish state art collection and his home, now a museum with interesting exhibits and a wonderful coffee. The collection contains the works of contemporary Nordic artists as Anders Zorn, Carl Larsson, Ivan Aguéli, Carl Fredrik and Edvard munch. The Prince Eugene found inspiration in the Swedish landscape and fame with two of his iconic works: painting Molnet and called pot of Waldemarsudde.
and now Prince Carl Philip
Prince Carl Philip shares with his artistic ancestors vein. Designed in the spring of 2009 asilver service for the Swedish company Gense, and also made a photographic collection in Waldemarsudde. During his studies at the prestigious School of Design Rhode Island in the U.S., Prince raced under a pseudonym, in a graphic design competition for the Museum of Martha’s Vineyard in Rhode Island, and won. Upon completion, he was commissioned to develop the design program for them.
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