Misslopez tips: Fall in love with a “latin lover” you too!

Film News from Mexico, Cancun!. Julia Roberts  and Javier Bardem got all the focus there when presenting their latest film. Accompanied in the picture by actor Richard Jenkins, and film director, Ryan Murphy, with his film Eat, Pray, Love.
Once again, Julia and Javier before the cameras showed the complicity and friendship they have forged after the filming and the actress listed did not hesitate to confess that she feels very comfortable working with Javier Bardem. Julia Roberts is a divorced mother in the film who leaves behind her past and embarks on a journey to Rome, India and Bali to discover herself. However, what she can not imagine is that during its course, she falls in love with a ‘Latin lover’, named Felipe, who is none other than spaniard Javier Bardem.
Fall in love with a Latin Lover you too and Feelgood 🙂