Italian Monica Bellucci, working mother in Rome at 45

Hola, Hola!. Italian Monica Bellucci has given birth to her second daughter, who has called Leonie, only six weeks ago and has already returned to work wearing a stunning figure. And is that Monica Bellucci, at 45 years, can claim to be one of the most desired women on the big screen. Yes, in addition to being the prototype of Italian beauty, the actress is a perfect example of “not without my daughter,” as she has not separated from her newborn at the streets of Rome.
She combines her role as a mother with her usual work as actress and model.
After this advertisement are more professional commitments comming, such as the release of the filmThe Sorcerer’s Apprentice, starring alongside Nicolas Cage, while her husband will also soon release black cinema, sharing with Natalie Portman and Bad Kunis.
I think it is possible being a working mother all the way, but you must demand the help you need, ´cause you are worth it!
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