Try bodyjump and Feelgood

Hi there!. This sounds fun!. Most of training classes are boring to me but this is different. The Bodyjump, a training program for cardiovascular conditioning in which the protagonist is a mini trampolines used for exercises. With it you can express emotions and feelings. Improves coordination, balance and it increases circulation and thus, blood return. The rebound effect caused by the high profits on mini trampolines is the lymphatic system. The training generally improves the cardiovascular system
The caloric expenditure that occurs in a session is excellent because the movements that make up the program involving large amounts of muscle mass. In the 55-minute class could burn up to 700 kcal, depending on the person. Moreover, being an activity in which the legs are under great muscular tension, in addition to the rebound effect caused by the mini trampoline, blood return is very strong and getting more emphasis to buttocks and hips.
Enjoy training bodyjump and Feelgood