Misslopez yoga tips: Get inspired by Marisol Hume from Chile and Miguel

Hi there!. Look at this!. Here my friends Marisol Hume and her yoga partner Miguel that works at Radio Amazonas in Stockholm. So dare you too to train in pairs!
Biomovimiento ® offers you the possibility of training with a partner and little by little I will be presenting some exercises to  run in pairs.
These are aimed to all types of people, no matter sex or age, who are interested in experiencing the work of two. Although it is especially suited to young people, and people who have a functional age that makes them feel young also to adults who are fit and well trained.
Applying simple principles of biomechanics, we can adapt the exercises without problem and modify them according to our condition. It’s all about playfulness, a desire to experiment, creativity, so train together.
You can make a plan to train, and have fun at the same time.
Biomovimiento: A source of inspiration!
Get inspired by Biomovimiento and Feelgood!