Latin Eva Longoria, a business woman in Madrid

Eva Longoria ha visitado Madrid para presentar la nueva gama de frigoríficos LGLa artista aprovechó su estancia en Madrid para disfrutar de la gastronomía española
Hola latin lovers!, I love to call you this way, cause you are, aren´t you?.
News from Madrid, Spain!. Eva Longoria now image of a refrigerator in Spain!. Eva has been in Madrid as the new  image of LG appliances. The popular actress of Desperate Housewives has been on Wednesday this week in San Miguel Market for the new range of refrigerators of the mark, and did so with a refreshing party which brought together some familiar faces in Spain.
She seems to enjoy Spain very much, the people, the food…
Eva Longoria is a woman to me , a latin woman with a very good self confdence thant seems to know what she wants. A good business woman too that seems to enjoy her life. A good icon for other women too.
You can go long if you really know what you want!. Get  inspired by Eva and Feelgood