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Misslopez news: Jennifer Lopez, jury of "American Idol"?

Hi there!. I love yhis picture of Jennifer. By the way, do you like tho program Idol?. look what just I have found out!. The actress and singer Jennifer Lopez could be the new jury of the program American Idol, according to published digital edition of the magazine People.The artist thus replace Ellen DeGeneres, who announced she was retiring as a judge on the program after years of collaboration: “I loved the experience of working on American Idoland I am very grateful for the years I’ve had. I am a big fan the program and I will continue, “confessed she. If so, join Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson Kara DioGuardi for the tenth season of the U.S. program for young talent.
I think I can see Ameican Idol from Sweden, I hope . I am sure she is going to be a good jury.
Enjoy J.Lo as a jury if that´s so and Feelgood

Material girl at Macy´s next week:Madonna photographer and stylist for the advertising campaign

Taylor Momsen
Hi there!. I love fashion so here  it comes fashion news direct from New York!. Soon the debut as a designer by Madonna at Macy´s, who, in collaboration with her daughter Lourdes Maria, have  launched the ‘eighties’ online teen ‘Material Girl’.But here is not everything. The singer is ready to develop her creative side and also wanted to work as a photographer and stylist for the advertising campaign of this collection, which goes on sale next week at these popular U.S. stores.
And, as the muse of his proposals, Madonna has chosen actress Taylor Momsen, one of the protagonists of the series ‘Gossip Girl’. Attentive to the signs of ‘blonde ambition’ “during the shoot, which was organized in New York, was accompanied by her daughter Lourdes Maria, the young star of the small screen and also a singer shows Material girl collection. However, this beautiful blonde’s hot smoky eyes, it also has just signed as the face of a new fragrance designer John Galliano, which will be launched next fall.
I look forward to this Material girl collection and I will tell you more!

Wellcome to Zumba cruise with Misslopez and Zumbatwinz!

This in the picture, Zumbatwinz, Tania and Alicia, Zumba instructor getting ready for the big day: The Zumba Cruise event next September in Sweden!. Misslopez is happy to invite you too.
Welcome to the first Scandinavian åretst Zumbakryssning on Silja Galaxy on 25-26 September.  Zumba ® Fitness is the newest and most spectacular people’s movement in the world right now.Even in Sweden it is growing exponentially!
In collaboration with  Zumbatwinz has been organized a cruise with workshops with instructors from all over Sweden and international visitors ..
You now have the chance to hang with on a busy Zumbakryssning / cruise with:
– Workshops
– Zumbaklädes sale
– Social Dance Party
The cruise is activities such as lectures, workshops and Zumba Master Class, especially suitable for both practitioners and instructors. Interesting features of excellent instructors and visitors, sales of Zumba clothing and accessories, makeup and other fun activities such as dancing in the evening to hot DJs, shopping, good food, etc.. In addition, recreational play tapes in the nightclub, troubadour in the pub and pianist entertains at the piano bar.
Work out, hang out & have fun
* * Join the Party
LOCATION: Värtahamnen Terminal application. The nearest subway is the drill field.
Departure: r Saturday September 25 kl.19.30 from Stockholm in Stockholm. The ship is back in Stockholm on Sunday the 26th kl.18.15
PS: 1 Free Zumba workshop / per person included in your trip. To book your free workshop you must book your trip and have a valid Booking!
To book:
Me, Misslopez is coming. Join the party and I will see you there!
Dance Latin music and Feelgood

Visit Spain on holidays, as Mrs Obama and many more.

Hello!. It is well known Spain is a popular holiday destination but what you are about to know is that Spain is popular as well this summer between the political class. First, Michelle Obama and her youngest daughter, Sasha, have set their sights on Marbella as a destination for a fabulous vacation. If until now vacationing in Hawaii this year, Obama will also tourism in Spain. It appears that the First Lady and her daughter will land on 4th August in Malaga, although the dates are not confirmed, to enjoy their deserved days of rest in the luxurious Marbella Villa Padierna and days later, perhaps with the rest family, will travel to Palma de Mallorca, where they will be received in audience by the King and the Queen of Spain in the Marivent Palace in Mallorca.
Others like the heads of the British Government will also enjoy holiday in Spain: the Prime Minister, David Cameron, will rest a few days in the mountains of Ronda (Malaga), while the Deputy Minister, Nick Clegg , re-charge the batteries in the town of Olmedo Valladolid, where his wife was born, Miriam Durántez González, with whom he has three children –Anthony, Albert and Michel, then halv British halv Spanish.
I feel “Spainsick” now…🙂
I am sure they will have a good time in Spain.

Misslopez tips: Enjoy a delicious sweet wheat bread from the Swedish royal baker Günther Koerffer

Hi everybody!. Here at Misslopez we just want to give you the best!. Thanks to my blog,  I have got in contact with the Swedish royal baker ( well, he is actually originally from Germany)  so I am very happy I will be able to give you delicious recepts and ideas for your sweet moments at home or everywhere. Today I suggest Gothenburg wheat bread with the touch of the prestigious and friendly Günther Koerffer in the picture at the wedding of Prince Victoria and Prince Daniel. He has been in charge of the Royal wedding cake as you can see…and Victoria seems to be so happy!.
Here comes the Gothenburg wheat bread´s recept he just sent me so I can share to all of you: the interior is actually very easy to bake up. Therefore, it lurks the dough.
Ingredients 200gr flour, 20 g Yeast, 1 dl. Milk, Mix well. let rise for at least one hour, 1.3 kg wheat flour, 4 cups water. 250gr, white syrup, Yeast 100gr. 50g Butter. 250gr margarine. 8 g of freshly ground Karadmumma. 6 grams of salt. Add this together , mix gently to loosen the dough.
Bake at 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) for 25 to 30 minutes; do not overbake. Let dough rest in cloth, then make wreaths, cinnamon buns with a filling of almond paste 300gr,  200gr butter 100gr sugar. blended to smooth mass. Season with cinnamon, nuts, pistachio, karadmumma. Here it comes and Enjoy!

The relationship of Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist is now official

Hello royal news lovers!. Well it has been for a few days already and as I live in Sweden I find it more interested to share it with you.  The relationship of Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist is official. The Head of the Department of Communication, Nina Eldh, has referred in some unexpected statements to the Swedish newspaper Expressen to photographs published in the press both in Swedish and foreign, to the former model posing nude Sofia Hellqvist. Eldh  called it “regrettable that some people take advantage of the relationship she has with the Prince.” She confirmed what everyone knew and later the newspaper Aftonbladet: the romance of the couple.
The news of the relatioship between Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and Sofia Hellqvist,a brunette of 25 years known in the Scandinavian country to have participated in 2005 in the reality show Paradise Hotel, jumped to the Swedish media at the beginning of last January . Sofia Hellqvist had on the 23 July its first meeting with King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia at a dinner at the Castle of Solliden in Öland. The royal approval is another step. Will see!.
Something to get inspired of, maybe?. Wellcome to your comments!
Feelgood with royal news!

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Misslopez info: Find out what just happen with the controversial Arizona inmigration law

Hello!. Here comes a subject that I like very much: law and human rights!. After reading the news I decided to share it with you. At first, the controversial Immigration law of Arizona was going to come “into force” this week, however, a U.S. federal court has decided to order the freezing of some points. Specifically, what has generated more controversy has been the section that makes it a crime the presence of undocumented aliens in Arizona. The Obama Administration believes that the Arizona law violates the supremacy of the laws of Washington and interfere with the power of the White House,  following the decision by Judge Susan Bolton.
I think this is a good decision in order to prevail human rights. And you, what do you think?
Go for human rights and Feelgood!

Misslopez news: Barcelona soon will not have more bullfights

Hi there!. News from Spain. In the picture people against bullfights in Barcelona. The Catalan Parliament has yesterday adopted with 68 votes in favor, 55 against and 9 abstentions, to ban bullfighting in Catalonia from January 1, 2012, in a poll in which only one of the 135 seats that make up the House of Parliament in Catalonia has not participated in it. This will affect La Monumental de Barcelona, the only active square for bullfights in Catalonia.
The margin of difference between anti-bullfighting and not was 13 votes. Catalonia becomes the second autonomy to ban bullfighting in Spain, and the Canary Islands did in 1991.
Well I actually has an uncle in Madrid, in the business of matador´s dresses but still I am not for bullfights, even if it is an old tradition from gladietors time.
And you are you for or against bullfights?. Express your mind!
Feel good you and the bulls too now in Barcelona!

New Almodovar film with Antonio Banderas…will be shooting in my hometown, A Coruña in August 2010

Hello!. Have a look at A Coruña where the new film of Almodovar will be shooting next month !. In  A Coruña, Spain Pedro Almodóvar  searches extras for his next film, The skin I live. Last tuesday at ten o’clock began the casting  until eight o’clock in the afternoon at the headquarters of the Caixa Galicia Foundation in A Coruña. During august 2010 will the shooting in A Coruña of this new Almodovar film with Antonio Banderas and many more…Many have been in this casting with the dream of participating in an Almodóvar film, and perhaps become an Almodóvar girl. Almodovar ´s production company is called El Deseo in Madrid: El Deseo. Mercedes the person in charge of casting send me an e mail but I am afraid I am not spendng my vacation in A Coruña right now and I haven´t been able to be in this casting.Maybe another time!. In Stockholm perhaps? 🙂
Feelgood with Almodovar´s films!
I look forward to seeing this new Almodovar film!

Now Paul octopus in the movies. Viva Paul!

Hello!. Do you remember Paul from WC in football?. Paul octopus has become in the last month the most famous animal on the planet thanks to his precise predictions about the 2010 World Cup. Loved by many and hated by others sometimes, Paul will jump to the big screen in the hand of Chinese director Xiao Jiang, who has seen a profitable idea. The director,  during  South Africa World Cup, decided to make a  film about this octopus with the title The assassination of Octopus Paul. Is this a joke?
Octopus Paul is loved very much by Spanish people so long life to Paul!. And you, do you hate or love Paul octopus?
Feelgood 🙂