Misslopez beauty tips: get luxury feet this summer

Hi everybody!. Do you care of the nails of your feet as you should? Maybe not, as we used to ‘pay more attention’ to hands,  but neglect the feet. I forget myself about my feet and now I want to change it, and I hope you too if that it is the case with you. When the time comes to sandals, you realize you should have started earlier to pamper. Let’s try these tips to help to remedy this problem as soon as possible and get luxury feet!

  1. With the help of a foot file removes calluses as much as possible, especially the heels but you should not be overemphasized to protect the feet.
  2. It’s time to shape your nails with the help of an emery board extra-thick. Remember it is important to always cut square to prevent skin nail to grow.
  3. Apply a product to take away accumulations of dead cells. Perform a minute and let it push the cuticles back with the help of a towel.
  4. Submerge your feet in warm water for at least 10 minutes to help remove calluses after the other, what you can do well with an exfoliating foot cream (thicker than those for the body) or pumice stone.
  5. Dry feet carefully, insisting through his fingers. Cover with a moisturizer. The glycerin will find (especially oily) or enriched with menthol, which have a cooling effect. If you’re going to apply polish to the nails, remove any excess fat before, or the paint will not fix.
  6. The dark glazes require a basis.Apply two coats of color and ultimate protector, which increase their brightness and durability.

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Enjoy the summer with luxury feet and Feelgood