How to practice Biomovimiento by Marisol Hume

Hi my friends!. Our yoga expert shares with you this information about her method. In the workshops of Biomovimiento three types of movements are: The conscious movement The spontaneous movement and The mental movement
Physical area
The conscious movement
Correctives gymnastics:Alignment of the spine and posture study
Functional Gymnastics: Stretching, flexibility, and strength in terms of activities to be performed.
Bodywork techniques: Wall system STP, and floor techniques.
Working with aid chairs, rubber bands, balloons, boxes.
Studies of basic yoga postures The Spontaneous movement
Individual spontaneous dancing
Dance group
Improvisation with partners
Improvisation in groups
Mental area
Gymnastics for the brain
Mnemonic practice. Techniques to strengthen memory are called mnemonics.
Exercises to memorize something, using a mental association: of ideas, patterns or systematic repetition.
Concentration: Exercises to keep the focus on an object or sensation. Concentration exercise  towards one  internal or external object.
Learning to keep the energy in one direction for a certain time without being thinned.
Visualization: Learning to see pictures: see through the eyes of the mind.
Visualization of images for the achievement of objectives.
Language: Stimulation of the area of language. Reverse words by syllables or letters etc.
Affirmations: The Power of positive thinking.
Awareness of the negative statements, and replacement by positive statements..
Route of contact between mind and body:
Conscious breathing
Development of proprioception
I hope you find this information useful
Feelgood Womanhood
Marisol Hume Eriksson