Easy latin summer recipe

Hi there!. A classic recipe in a different way!. The sweet taste of melon with rich salty ham  form one of the most successful pairings of the summer.Because, although the second can be enjoyed all year round, melon reaches its peak just now, during the warmer months.
Thus, it is usual to cut the melon into slices and cover with slices of ham but … Why not take a different way to this classic summer cooking and make delicious snacks? It’s really easy. So just follow these steps:
As ingredients you’ll need: medium ripe melon, 300 grams of ham, and oil oil. Removed the seeds and rind of the melon. Cut it into cubes. Finely chop the ham and sauté in a pan with a few drops of oil, stirring constantly until crisp.
On each die of melon add a bit of ham crisp. If you click each die with a stick we get, as I we had a delicious appetizer with which to surprise your family.
Taste it and Enjoy it!