Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel´s honeymoon: a dream comes true!

Hi everyone!.  I see you love royal news!.
The most popular royals have been found in Tahiti and have spoken for the first time after their wedding. The couple enjoyed since last Monday a dream honeymoon overseas on the Polynesian island. An experience that both described as wonderful, in a brief interview with the Swedish tabloid Expressen, where they  has made their first statements about the wedding.
The Princess Victoria,who said they were eager to enjoy this trip. “It’s wonderful, extraordinary” … also insisted that the last days have been “a dream comes true” and that the wedding was “overwhelming.” The Princes do not forget, however, the great popular support shown by the Swedes during the celebrations of your wedding. “It was something unique … We can hardly believe it’s true,” said the Crown. “Yes, half a million people out into the street to celebrate with us is incredible,” said the Prince.
And about sharks  in the area, Prince Daniel has excited to have seen a few, while the Princess Victoria confesses that she likes  them “but on television.”. Me too…
Let´s see if their next stop is South America…