Enjoy easy spanish tapas with fish

Hi there latin lovers! 🙂 . I proposed this time  four very simple ideas from ‘mini kitchen’ for cheese lovers with  smoked fish, salmon, tuna, anchovies, cod… is that, put on a slice bread and thatÂŽs it :
With smoked salmon:
Spread each toast with cream cheese or sour cream, placed slices of cucumber, then smoked salmon roll-shaped and finally a little caviar substitute. Like in the picture!.
Smoked tuna:
Splits into two halves (lengthwise) around scallions and cook on the grill. On each half have sheets of smoked tuna, a few drops of olive oil and chopped fresh oregano. Easy!
Smoked cod:
Amid small piquillo peppers available to the party often smoked cod and mixed with chopped chives and basil and a few drops of olive oil.
Smoked Anchovies:
Roll with smoked anchovy piparra (Basque chili, the spicy is not spicy) and insert them on a stick like a flag.
And of course Enjoy it and Feelgood