Misslopez tips: Protect the eyes of your kids with sunglasses

Hi friends!. If you have kids or maybe not but you want to protect a kid´s eyes I give you these tips. The holidays are just around the corner, and many are already waiting for weeks to reach the eternal sunny days by the sea, the castle on the beach and chocolate ice cream. Summer is the most desirable times for parents and children, although the sun’s rays can wreak havoc on the skin and eyes and that’s why you have to pay attention the young of the family to protect them when, either under the umbrella, with lotions sunscreen or a set of sunglasses.
In fact, are children those who spend more time outdoors, and can become up to three times more exposed to solar radiation than adults. However, in recent studies conducted among European families about the visual health, reveals that 23 percent of parents do not take any precaution in protecting the eyes of their children from dangerous ultraviolet radiation. The greatest danger: their effects are cumulative, so that prolonged exposure over many years may lead to early onset of cataracts or macular degeneration, in addition to the countless problems of learning and maladjustment in the ‘cole’ that kids can experience a Once developed eye problems.
The protection of the eyes from an early age is therefore essential: approved glasses, with appropriate filters that block 100 percent of solar radiation, and a hat or visor to reduce the amount of ultraviolet rays that are the eyes, will be essential to deal a day ‘beach’, even when it is cloudy. “The key to convincing them to wear them? Find a model shock-resistant, flexible and fun colors that attract their attention and teach them how also higher , we protect every day with them.
So now you know it, put it in practice and Feelgood

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