Despite the crisis, there are more rich people in Spain…

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For the rich, the crisis has passed. In 2008, 16,000Spanish joined the privileged club of those with more than 800,000 euros in assets, excluding properties.There are now 143 000, 12.5%, according to a report by Merrill Lynch Capgemini.
Despite the crisis, the percentage of millionaires in the world grew by 17.1% in 2009, reaching 10 million individuals who have a total of 39 billion dollars (31.7 billion euros). This means that for them the crisis was over long ago and have become even more cautious about spending, selected best in which they invest their money.
The crisis has changed the psychology of customers, now we are more cautious about the risk and prefer greater transparency. “Now they are more committed, more educated and feel an aversion to risk,” said Vice President, Capgemini Financial Services, Jorge Sobrino.
The millionaires spent more money on cars, ships and planeslast year, especially those fortunes of the emerging powers. In this sense, the trend in 2008 for investing in health and welfare are extended throughout the year.
The emerging countries are moving positions from the list of the richest and “continue to drive the rebound, especially India, China and Brazil, “says Sobrino. However, the wealth of high net worth individuals are concentrated in USA, Japan and Germany.
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