The trick of the day: how to hide a big nose

Hi!. Are you in the group of women with this ‘problem’ , then I will try to help with practical advice if you want to hide it a bit.
What about makeup?
put more emphasis on the eyes, get optic diverting attention and be more discreet in choosing the color for the lips. It is important to use a very soft blush, which mimic the flush of the cheeks, to give it a more natural features. To apply, smile very openly, with an exaggerated grimace, and extends the right blush at the top of the cheeks with soft, circular movements, slightly upward. Giving light to the cheeks helps overshadowed nose.
For times when you have time, you may apply a touch of foundation one shade darker than your own skin on the sides and tip, a professional makeup artist trick of optically reduce the size of the nose.
Finally, it also helps to shorten the length slightly to apply a touch of blush on top of the cheekbones and the middle of the forehead and chin.
Get the best of your face and Feelgood

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