Misslopez beauty tips: You´d better get a tan naturally!

Hi there!. This is very important!.  be careful when taking a tan because it is not healthy at all costs.
Earlier, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned that tanning devices emit UVA rays “could” lead to skin cancer, skin aging and apart from eye damage and immune system. For almost a year, the WHO, based on recent scientific studies, claims their cancer risk. This risk should be posted on all devices, tanning facilities and information and advertising them.
Is it being reported correctly to all users? Do you meet hygiene and safety standards? Studies at the European Union in 2009, show many shortcomings in some of these establishments.
You must know all the risks and precautions before using a tanning device, inside or outside the home. It is necessary, for example, cosmetic skin cleansing-cream, makeup, deodorant, etc.. Also wear eye protection (not enough to close the eyelids) and cover the scars and other sensitive areas of the skin. It is important to remember that should not be exposed to the sun and the appliance the same day, and pass at least 48 hours between the first two sessions.
A suntan is not essential. But if we like it then it is best to try to get it naturally and with proper precautions, like using sunscreen essential.

Never UVA if …
The use of such devices are contraindicated for those who meet any of these features:
– Fair skin, freckles, and abundant and atypical moles.
– If you or someone in your family has suffered of this.
– On treatment with antibiotics, sedatives, antidepressants, or antiseptics.
– If you are under 18 years.
– Or if you are pregnant.
So you´d better get a tan naturally and Feelgood
So why not going to the sun instead?

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