Misslopez social news: Spain continue to win Italy despite the crisis

Spanish per capita income remains at 103% of the EU average. “Luxembourg is the richest country, and Bulgaria, the poorest

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Hi there!. There are many who wonder about the spanish economy with the crisis and that´s why I share with you this information taken from Eurostat and El Pais paper, by Miguel Jimenez. According to this information, Spain maintained its position in the European ranking of gross domestic product (GDP) per capita, one of the main measures of the wealth generated by a country, according to figures released today by Eurostat. Spanish GDP per capita in 2009 stood at 103% of the European Union average in purchasing power parity (a calculation that seeks to eliminate the distortions created by the different price levels in each country and reflect the value of property and services that are not involved in international trade). That means Spain repeat the position of the previous year, according to figures for 2008, allowing Spain to keep ahead of Italy (also repeated its 102%) for the third consecutive year.
Spain holds number 12 on the list of the 27 EU states. Luxembourg topped the list with 268% of the EU average. The country benefits from the large number of cross-border workers who come to Luxembourg to work and contribute to higher GDP, but living outside the country. The last place goes to Bulgaria, with 41% of the EU average.
In the Spanish case, the downturn in the economy was below the EU average, but population increases the penalized in terms of GDP per capita. However, according to these preliminary figures, Spain is not only maintained ahead of Italy, but is also about something else in France, the country that precedes it, with 107% of EU average.
The first time Spain beat Italy in GDP per capita in purchasing power parity was in 2006, according to data published by the European Union in December 2007. The advantage was small and several contradictory data from the IMF in the coming months sparked a controversy in which policy-makers participated in both countries.
In the list, as well as Luxembourg, the countries with higher GDP per capita are Ireland (131% of the EU average despite the severity of the crisis), Netherlands (130%), Austria (124%) and Sweden (120% .) The latter are Bulgaria (41%), Romania (45%), Latvia (49%) and Lithuania (61%).
Overall, the differences between the richest and poorest has widened during the crisis.
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