Misslopez beauty tips: get a 10 chest without surgery

Hi friends!.
Nothing better than the natural thing!, You can actually improve you chest tone doing these tips without artificial methods or surgery.
The neckline, in summer, with asymmetrical dresses, strapless, halter … becomes the center of attention. If you want to look good and feelgool these tricks are the ones to reaffirm your chest. You can make them at home … Consistency is the key!
1. Cold towels on your chest: It’s better than a cold shower! You can do this in two ways: put cotton towel in a bowl with ice or, if you find it easier, save in the freezer 15 minutes before you put it on your chest for a minute. Do it five times and every day. The result? A more toned skin and chest in place, since the effect vasoconstructor stimulates blood circulation. You can also use creams with cooling effect. A good tip is to keep these cosmetics in the fridge, so the lifting effect of the cold improves their efficiency.
2- Keep the back straight. It is good for your self steem too!
3. Exfoliate the skin of the chest and neck every two weeks. More smoothly than the rest of the body and in eight movements, avoiding the nipples.
To create an optical volume effect in the breast marks the bronzing powders cleavage using vertically, between the two breasts.
1. Fold up the arms and elbows to shoulder height. And join and press it against each other for 30 seconds. Relax and repeat 10 times. Do it every day and notice the effects within 15 days.
2. Stand with legs slightly apart, squeeze the buttocks and belly, pick up a dumbbell or a 1.5 liter bottle of water and up the straight arm to the opposite shoulder as you breathe. When you get off, release the air. Repeat this exercise 20 times and switch arms. Work chest, triceps and back.
3. To reaffirm the chest, a very simple exercise: hands together and pressed on his chest. Count to five and drop.Repeat 10 times in batches.
And remember that if you go to the gym or play a sport regularly, do so that the chest does not suffer with a good bra.
Get a beautiful and healthy chest and Feelgood!