Misslopez beauty tips: five reasons to be prettier this summer

Hola, hola amigos y amigas again!. It’s here, the summer!.
Summer is packed with small and great pleasures to be enjoyed with all the senses,  both for health and for beauty. Get ready!
Sleep! The body needs sleep to get repaired, and holidays are an excellent time for it. And that must be added a healthy siesta. If there is a good time to sleep after lunch, that’s the summer And you do not spend hours and hours: there are  studies that show that twenty minutes of sleep after lunch it is enough to recover energy and feel better.
hair dryer goodbye! No dryers to give your hair a rest.
Pampering for the body … It is time to swimwear, shorts and miniskirts. So, take better care of your body to look radiant face. Thus, the body skin exfoliates, moisturizes and pampers with special care.
Including feet …. The secret is to use a foot scrub often to give smoothness, followed by the application of a specific moisturizer. And besides, an extra ally: the walks along the sand on the beach. Walking through it is an excellent exercise for all the muscles of the feet and calves. If, moreover, is somewhat rough sand, can be a little exfoliation. Another good idea to improve leg circulation and combat cellulite is to give a good ride halfway up the leg submerged by the sea as  the resistance of the water has an effect on both mechanical and toning skin and muscles.
Yes to soft foods. Salads and fresh fruits become our best partners to spend the summer heat. We must seize the properties of seasonal products, such as the watermelon, rich in water and low in calories. A delicious snack  with a huge supply of vitamins. And what about a spanish gazpacho, one of our dishes so healthy and complete. Rich in vitamins, fiber and low in calories, refreshing, tasty and nutritious, is the perfect dish for any time. Specially during the summer!
Enjoy the best summer of you life and Feelgood