Misslopez feelgood tip: You can get it if your really want!

Hi friends!. Here come Prince Daniel´s words at the banquet yesterday. Words full of love and dignity as the real prince he is. A good exempel of how you can get what you want if you really want it!.
So Prince Daniel to his Princess Victoria:
“Many people see the fact that I met and fell in love as a kind of fairy tale. The man of the people who won the Princess. Yes, it’s really a fairy tale, but do not think it a coincidence that this happened here in Sweden, where the motto of the King is “for Sweden, with the times.” Nine years ago I had the privilege of meeting a young woman with a strong sense of duty and great sense of humor (…) There have been times when Victoria was traveling and put distance between us.During a trip to China, where we were separated for a whole month, she came home late the night before the trip, but instead of sleeping, she sat down and wrote all night. In the morning I found a box with 30 letters she wrote to me. This romantic gesture is so typical of you, Victoria. It shows how caring you are. After provoked the laughter of his guests by saying: “There was once a young man who perhaps was not a frog … As in the fairy tale of grime, but it certainly was not a prince. The first kiss did not change the situation, the Prince would not have been possible without the wise counsel of the King and Queen who led the couple. I am grateful for the unconditional support of the Kings. ”
He also addressed his parents: “Throughout my childhood, I have given unconditional love and helped me build a strong self-esteem and good values. I have found strong support and has meant a lot to me. I will do everything possible to support Victoria in her  important work. Finally, Daniel turned to Victoria: “I am proud to be your husband and I will do everything possible to continue making you happy. Victoria After Daniel’s speech Victoria turned to tears of happyness and the crowd cheered and applauded.
Have focus, believe in yourself and Feelgood!
You´ll get what you really want!