Misslopez in Sweden: Royal marriage in just a few hours

Hello world from Sweden!.
As I am in Stockholm I have the change to share with you what`s going on here. Stockholm is more than ever the city of love. The Love festival organized to celebrate the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling fills the northern capital, while the fingers are crossed not the clouds become rain.
The ceremony will begin link at 15:30 in the Cathedral of St. Nicholas but from more than one hour before the 1,200 guests will parade on its way to the temple in its heyday after the intensive renovation work started last winter . The streets of Stockholm are wedding dress for the occasion. Flowers of all types (roses, hydrangeas, lilacs, lilies …)  decorate every corner of the city, while a blue rug covered the sidewalks from the Palace to the altar of the Cathedral. Thousands of onlookers waiting outside it to see the couple from Sweden and his guests, among whom there is no lack of representatives of all European royal families. The tests on the couple, always accompanied by the Queen Silvia have been repeated the last three days and yesterday assembled a squad traveled Stockholm Dragon Battalion of the Royal Guard, the Guard battalion, which will parade outside the church with two units, and the King’s bodyguards to accompany the couple. These three detachments accompany the newlyweds when they cross the city and yesterday, before the eyes of many Swedes, rehearsing for everything to be perfect.
Even public transport in Stockholm held the happy marriage of Crown Princess Victoriaand the metro will be completely free the day of the princely marriage, a great relief to all viewers of the royal wedding since access to the center for buses and traffic often very limited. To the delight of all, the subway will lead all day with rusningstid hours (rush hour). Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (SL) celebrates royal wedding broadcast no less than 70,000 cards to access public transport illustrating an official photograph of the Crown Princess in evening dress blue sky with the future Prince Daniel to his right in a tuxedo. The cards – which are also rechargeable – will sell for a price of 20 SEK (about two euros) as of June 12 SL at all sites of the capital and train stations.

Today world eyes are in Sweden so enjoy the show anywhere you are and Feelgood!