Misslopez beauty tips for your hair during the summer: Take care of it!

Hola amigos!. Just a few tips about how to take care of your hair during the summer.
The summer comes and you want to give your hair a break. Goodbye dryers, irons, dyes and company.The sun’s rays, sea water (excellent for the scalp, but harmful for the hair), the chlorine in pools, sand, wind … This mixture of elements dry and devitalized hair and mistreats color.
The sun, enemy number one
And the sun is one of the main enemies of our hair at this time, because ultraviolet rays alter the elastic properties of hair and cause a slight discoloration. Ultraviolet radiation affects the hair fiber dehydrating. An effect that may be able to come in handy to greasy hair but that is fatal to dry hair. In this case you should use sunscreens that provide nourishing conditioning agents to compensate for dehydration. There are many options in shampoos, conditioners, sprays and masks.
On the beach, salt
The salt sea water also harms: it acts like a sponge absorbing moisture from the hair. In addition, sea salt may crystallize within the hair fiber and break the internal structure, raising the cuticle and alter the color, thus diminishing its softness and docility and become brittle. To combat its effects, we must not forget, after every bath, hair rinse thoroughly with fresh water.
In the pool, chlorine
Very dry skin but also affects the scalp and varies significantly dyed hair color. This is because chlorine is put in the hair cuticle and, by reacting chemically with dyes, rust, fade (the effect ‘green hair’) and becomes brittle. It always shower out of the pool and use specific products.
In the city, pollution
The hair gets dirty faster, and you have lost luster wash more often. It is best to use a cleansing shampoo and do two washes, one to remove the dirt and the other to give a glossy finish.
I hope you´ll find this information useful and Feelgood