How is the Princess Victoria´s banquet prepared at the Royal Court in Sweden?

Hi there. It sound wedding bells in Sweden today and this is how the royal banquet will be prepared according tradition. In the royal banquet, tables, glassware, linens, tableware and decor are a very important element of the actual performance today. The tradition goes back to fabulous lunches and dinners in the princely courts of several generations ago, which were considered an expression of the manor and social position. Many of these traditions remain today and we will see reflected in the wedding of Victoria of Sweden and Daniel Westling.explain what we see ( maybe on TV) in the wedding banquet.
The place
The official dinner of the Kings of Sweden are usually held in the gallery of Charles XI, and special occasions in the Hall of State in the conference room of Vita Havet. The last time you used the Hall of State as the dining room was a gala banquet on the occasion of the 50th birthday of King Carl XVI Gustaf, twelve years ago.
The silver star on the table
Another old tradition is to dress the table with silver dress real silverware, candlesticks and table, which show the good state of state finances. There were also the magnificent porcelain and the valuable services of exquisite crystal, passed down through the years as gifts from royal weddings and anniversaries.
At the wedding of Silvia and Prince Carl Philip of Sweden, in 1976, the Swedish government and parliament with 800 vessels entertained them with his monogram prints, a gift from the Swedish town that has become part of their cultural heritage.

The organization of the royal banquet is one of the tasks of the Royal House, where formal meals have always been part of official ceremonies. The maintenance of the Royal Palace is the responsibility of the service and in the charge of preparing the royal table are called lackeys of the court (Court Footman), titles that are still used today in the palace.
Public Suppers
In the past, to observe the actual meal was considered a civil right. But despite the loud protests of the inhabitants of Stockholm, Karl XIV Johan banned what is known as a public dinner on the occasion of the wedding of his son Oscar with Princess Josefina in 1823.
Today, one could say that the tradition of public dinners has been restored again, thanks to the televising of dinners and real events. The banquet highest rated Swedish history was the wedding of the Kings of Sweden in 1976, followed by millions of viewers around the world, and sure to be surpassed by that of her eldest daughters.
Let´s see the royal wedding on tv at least if you do not have the chance to be at the royal palace 🙂