Misslopez yoga tips: Get inspired by Hume system and stay forever young!

Hello there. Here comes my yoga tip of the day!.
Follow this: Hume Biomovimiento system, her physical and mental training or in other words, the art of staying young. Look at her, this woman from Chile that lives in Sweden at 56!.
Go to the garden of your house, or the nearest park and dare.
Invite a friend, your partner, or your son, and enjoy the outdoors.
Enjoy the summer, the sun, the breeze, put up your creativity and experience the training partner.
You don´t  need be an acrobat, just use your common sense.
Test everything you have trained during the year either at the gym or a yoga room, or dance.
Free yourself, let your imagination and Feelgood!
Biomovimiento ®: a great experience.