Misslopez tips: show off your nice legs during the summer

Hi there!.  I am back with my healthy tips that I love to share with you. I guess you want to have nice legs specially now. In  the summer there are many people (especially women), suffering from tired legs, swollen and heavy, among other symptoms.
Wear high heels, crossing your legs when sitting or standing to be a long time are some of the factors that aggravate the problem. Circulation slows and blood flow is stagnant and can eventually result in unsightly and uncomfortable varicose veins. (Better safe than sorry).
1- Eat a healthy, balanced diet with little salt and sugar.
2 .- Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Avoid fatty and fried foods.
3 .- drink a half liter of water daily (8 glasses).
4 .– Do not smoke. The snuff hampers blood circulation.
5 .- Take some fiber daily.
6 .- Practice some form of exercise every day in which to exercise the leg muscles. Walking, jogging, cycling, jumping rope, swimming, etc. ..
7 .- Avoid crossing your legs when you are seated. Very important!
8 .- Avoid being too long standing still. Very important as well.
9 .- Apply cold showers in the legs.
10 .- Avoid exposure to sunlight and other heat sources, as this has a vasodilator effect on the blood capillaries, which makes further movement.
11 .– massage the legs with cold gel effect, specific for tired legs.
12 .- Put your legs up (above heart level), and relax for at least 20 minutes, eg while ye you see on TV or read on the couch, to promote good venous return.
All these tips are very important so I hope you follow them.
Feelgood Womanhood