Misslopez tips: avoid lumbago, pain in the back

Hi there!. I give you some useful tips to avoid lumbago. Here you have:

  • 1-Avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Try and take regular and moderate exercise.
  • 2-Watch your weight. If you are overweight you are imposing additional stress on your back; losing weight will tend to alleviate the symptoms associated with back problems.
  • 3-Choose the right bed. A hard mattress, or one specifically designed for back sufferers will make a big difference.
  • 4-Applying local heat often alleviates pain.
  • 5-Relaxation, massage and stretching can be very effective.
  • ?Back pain may be associated with weight gain, bad posture and breathing habits. ?
  • Special exercise routines and workouts for the back are very beneficial, but should be supervised by an expert.

 Take care of yourself and Feelgood