Misslopez Top Latina, Wanda-Harry Jovet-Munoz: “Cakes to be Remembered”

Wanda-Harry Jovet-Munoz
Wanda-Harry Jovet-Munoz

Wanda is a Latina from Ponce, Puerto Rico who lives in Saint Paul, MN.
Wanda and I meet through friends a long time ago. She is a family woman who has a full time job and works as a singer on the weekends and some week nights for a local Salsa Band “Tropical Zone”. She is an amazing singer and, I always admire her for being able to keep up with all that work. You can check her band on YouTube.
But, to my surprise, I discovered not long ago, she is also an amazing pastry artist that creates the most complicated cakes meant to be both aesthetically pleasing and delicious. She makes from Birthday cakes to Wedding cakes and from Graduation cakes to Quinceañera cakes, you name, she does it. Her cakes are always beautiful, delicious, elegant and original.
Wanda is a Top Latina!
We are Women, we are Latinas and we make a difference! Peace and Prosperity to you all!
Feel Good Womanhood!

  • If you want information about how to contact Wanda, let me know.