Miss Lopez back soon to Sweden from Spain

Hi there everybody!. I am so happy the way my blog is developing, reaching more and more people everyday. And on the top of this my dear friend Marisol is back in my life and now as a blogger together in Misslopez. We go way back…You will get so many good tips from her and do not forget she is a paralegal, so she knows a lot. Being this moment a hard time in my life I can still see the rainbow on the sky, so there is always hope…
Anyway, I am so happy to have Miss Marisol Garcia Penalta join Miss Lopez’s team and together we will continue to fight for our dream to show you the best of the Latin World, we Latin women.
By the way I am leaving this beautiful surroundings in Galicia, Spain to go back to my other hometown of Stockholm, Sweden. Thanks to Facebook and social media that makes the world seem so close together.
I am sitting with Marisol  having a drink with the pay-less view of  the beach of Santa Cristina, La Coruna, Spain.Sometime you may wish to be here. I strongly recommend you to put Galicia, Spain in your vacation agenda for the near future.
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