Misslopez News:Sandra Bullock’s come back on the MTV movie awards

Hi there!. With an “innocent” kiss to Scarlett Johansson,  she seems to have fun!.  Smiling, gorgeous and in a slightly playful mood – this was Sandra Bullock making her return to the limelight at the weekend’s MTV movie awards.
The actress, sparkling in a backless midnight black dress, made her first televised appearance since news of her husband’s infidelities broke.
And she was the talk of the evening after jokingly planting a kiss on Scarlett Johansson, before telling the audience: “Now that we have done that, can we please go back to normal?”
The last time Sandra was seen on TV was when she picked up an Oscar, with Jesse James at her side. This time around, as she collected the MTV generation award, she was alone – having filed for divorce and deciding to bring up her adopted son Louis on her own.
Sandra’s smooch was just one of the highlights of the ceremony.
The other one was when J.Lo had a dance with Tom Cruise on stage.
Have fun and Feelgood!