Misslopez tips at the table, balance your stomach

Hola, hola! One more  good tip to share with you before I go to sleep I´ve learnt with my own experience: get to know your body and avoid getting anxious before eating so you get a balanced diet as well it is good manners on the table. I actually think this is a very useful tip, so enjoy it!
Sometimes we start to eat very hungry, too hungry and it is not good at all. This could be a sign of anxiaty.  If you feel this way a while before a meal, the solution may be to start with a light soup or a cold soup without fat. According to the specialist Dr. Royo from Spain: “Drinking liquids produces a sensation of fullness in the stomach and helps to calm the anxiety. If you do not have a prepared cold soup, you can go for a fruit before entering the first dish to be more filling. This way you help your stomach and your body  to feel good.
Feelgood with a balanced diet!