Misslopez news: New Yorker Lorenzana, too sexy to work in a bank?

Hello there!.  It is said that beauty opens many doors. D.Lorenzana, a female New Yorker, 33, embody the perfect exception as she has been fired from her job for being too attractive. Her story has gone to the newspaperVillage Voice as apparently, she’s too pretty to work in a bank. I think this is totally unfair and sexist that these things happens still today
Lorenzana worked in a branch of Citibank in Manhattan and lost her job last summer. She says her bosses told her that both their male counterparts as some senior could not concentrate at work because she distracted them. She was ordered to not dress with turtleneck sweaters,  heels and tight dresses. And most unusual of all is that these directices were only for her, none of her friends received a similar warning. This puerto rican haft italian no doubt has a great beauty anyway, still she deserves better.
She came to New York 12 years ago, when she was 21 and pregnant. Soon she managed to enter the world of finance and today Lorenzana is described as a working professional woman, and says her priority is to raise her child. She says she loves fashion, and often combine items from brands like Zara, with others from top brands such as Burberry, Hermès, Louis Vuitton and Roberto Cavalli. Good idea!
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