Misslopez travel tips: Follow the footsteps of frida Kahlo in Mexico

Hi!. Misslopez likes the artist Frida Kahlo. Do you know who I am talking about?. Here comes some cultural tips that I find interesting to share with you. By the way, Salma Hayek made a great film of her life. Perfect as both are mexicans!.
She was married to the famous painter Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo battled against the society that she lived to stand out as one of the greatest  artists of the twentieth century and she is a woman!.
Travel to Mexico and discover the country that gave birth to the artist and the inspiration for all her masterpieces. It was this unique mix of Mexican pre-Columbian civilizations, colonialism and political turmoil of the contemporary era which made possible her artistic explosion. See with your own eyes the vegetation, landscape and the colors that fill the tables of this extraordinary woman in Mexico.
Feelgood Womanhood!
Book your travel here for exempel and have a good time

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